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In a creative learning environment, we work with students to create visual stories. During this creative process, our focus is to foster the imagination and collaboration with peers using digital technology.

Students work in small groups and learn animation and video basics. With hands-on learning, using the apps on iPads, students create their own short animations and experience the magic of stop motion videos as their ideas come to life!



  • We had the privilege of working with Chandra in our classes of 60 grade 6/7 students. Not only did she masterfully engage our classes for three sessions, she also inspired students to continue creating outside of the classroom. Chandra walked into the classroom environment with a natural and positive command. Her presentation of the skills was bang on for the level of our students. In just a matter of three weeks, they were able to storyboard a short stop motion film and apply sound effects to it. The pride of the students in sharing their creations with classmates was beyond our expectations. She skillfully tied her teachings to the curriculum being covered and provided students with yet another tool they can use to demonstrate understanding. We would highly recommend this Wee Creative Co. program and Chandra. I can only imagine where our students will take this new found passion!

    – Angela McKay and Sarah Dolan, Brooksbank Elementary teachers, Grades 6 and 7

  • “This is so awesome!” – grade 1 student

    “Wow, this is cool!” – grade 2 student

    “Thank-you so much!  I really enjoyed stop motion animation!  I hope you visit us again!”  – grade 4 student

    “I loved it!  You are so so so good with stop motion!” – grade 3 student

    “I had a great time doing this project.  Thank-you so much”  – grade 4 student

    “This was the best group event” – grade 3 student

    “I really liked it because she taught me something new”  – grade 3 student

    “I loved it so much.  It was so cool with the best stuff!”  – grade 3 student

    “I liked putting crazy things in a volcano.  I liked the objects we got to put in.”  – grade 3 student

    “Wow, that was fun…what was the name of that app again? Can I do that at home?!” – grade 4 student

    “I love volcanos…I never thought of making cars come out of a volcano before!” – grade 3 student

  • Thank you so much for taking time to bring Wee Creative Co to Sparks! We had such a great time learning and introducing the girls to new creative new skills.

    You are amazing and we appreciate you sharing your talents with us!

    – Meighan Sherman and the 6th Crown Sparks, Ages 5 and 6, Girl Guides of Canada

  • It was beyond awesome! I was blown away with the fact that you had 60 kids completely on track for an hour and half doing something
    they all loved! The sharing hasn’t stopped! They’re creating on their own and emailing to us now! Thank you so much for sharing your

    – Angela McKay, Elementary Teacher, Grades 6 and 7

  • Thank you for an amazing, creative workshop! I thought that it was fantastic. The materials you used were engaging and unique and they certainly promoted hands-on participation. The variety of material choices really allowed my students to really feel like they were involved in the process. I also loved that your workshop encouraged collaboration and communication in their small groups, as that is something that we have certainly been working on in the classroom. I found the National Film Board stop-motion application and the use of the iPad technology for this workshop to be very intuitive and user-friendly, which made the process quick and fun. It was indeed impressive to be able to build, shoot, and edit a stop-motion video in such a short amount of time. I am definitely feeling inspired to try something similar on my own some time, so thank you so much for providing that springboard and for sharing your expertise…you are fabulous!!

    – Elspeth Finlay, Norgate Elementary Teacher, Grades 3 and 4

  • I would highly recommend this workshop! My students absolutely loved it, and were highly engaged and worked together to create a fun and entertaining finished project! They were all so proud of their creations! Chandra explained every step clearly and was extremely well organized. She supplied everything that was required for the workshop; I did not have to prepare anything at all! I got to circulate and listen to the engaging conversations my students were having with each other and enjoy their excitement! Chandra emailed all the finished projects to me before the end of the day, so that I was able to share the links with parents! What an absolutely wonderful experience!

    – Kelly Munro, Braemar Elementary Teacher, Grades 3 and 4

  • I really enjoyed the Stop Motion workshop in my classroom. My students got to practice using technology, which is very important in this day and age. The workshop involved team effort, so my students were placed in small group.  In order for my students’ final product to turn out well, they needed to collaborate their ideas, communicate with each other, and take turns in the making process. All the while having fun !!!

    – Robin Kalbfleisch, Brooksbank Elementary Teacher, Grade 2

  • In January of this year, I was approached by Chandra Junck, of Wee Creative Co, about creating a workshop series involving stop motion
    film for my grade 1/2 class. I was immediately excited about the prospect, as Ms. Junck shared some of the possibilities of what could
    be created. She then tailored a series of 4 workshops to the specific skills and interests of my class. Not only were the workshops
    created in such a way that built upon previous learnings and skills, but they were reflective of current classroom themes.

    The stop motion workshops became a highlight of the week for both the children and myself. I appreciated this opportunity as one of
    professional development where I learned how to better integrate technology into the curriculum. The children appreciated the
    opportunity to work collaboratively as part of a team, and the opportunity to be story tellers and directors.

    It was incredible to watch the responses Ms. Junck was able to elicit from the children. On many occasions it was the child who is
    often quiet during class discussions who was the first to suggest and share ideas. Every child was actively engaged in the creation of
    their film, and the process became just as important as the final product. What became most important, however, was that each child
    was successful. Each child created something they were proud of. Children of every ability were able to find their voice.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to any classroom teacher or children’s group leader, and am excited about the
    opportunity to work with Ms. Junck again.

    – Laura Kristensen, Elementary Teacher, Grades 1 And 2


Chandra Junck, Founder

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make movies. I spent hours watching films, reading articles and books about films and filmmakers, and making my own 16mm film projects. I graduated with a BA in Film from UBC and some of my fondest memories as a student were of the small, collaborative film projects I worked on. What I loved about filmmaking, was that the creative process took a team of people.

In a tech world brimming with possibilities, children have daily access to digital technology, which can be used for consumption or creation. At Wee Creative Co., we choose creation. We teach visual storytelling and movie-making and the focus is on the creative process. We spark imaginations in young minds as they create small projects together.

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